Canon EOS 6D vs Canon EOS 6D Mark II

Now that Canon has finally released the long awaited 6D Mark II, how does it compare with the original camera it will replace? The Canon EOS 6D (Mk I) was a very highly regarded camera and the new Mark II

Canon EOS Rebel T6i vs Canon EOS Rebel T6s

In 2016 Canon introduced us to a new line of the Rebel Series. There are now 3 levels of Rebel camera starting with the T6 which is their most basic budget friendly DSLR, the T6i which is now the mid

Canon EOS 6D vs Nikon D750

There will always be a great battle between Canon and Nikon. Each has a fierce loyalty from the faithful in their camp. However, each company has a compelling offering in the camera market and the Canon EOS 6d vs Nikon

Sony A6000 vs Sony A6300

The Sony A6000 vs Sony A6300 debate is going to rage while both cameras are on the market together. Many photographers looking to purchase their first Sony Mirrorless camera system will likely look at both of these options and try

Canon EOS 80D vs Nikon D7200

I have owned several Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras over the years and I can honestly say both companies are excellent and one is not better than the other (although I am known to tease my Nikon photographer friends). Having

Canon EOS 6D vs Sony Alpha A7 Mark II

When I purchased my Canon EOS 6D in 2015 I went back and forth between it and the Sony Alpha A7 Mark II. Each camera has advantages and disadvantages and ultimately I decided on the Canon 6D simply because I

Canon EOS Rebel T5 vs Nikon D3300

If you are looking for a budget friendly DSLR to get started in photography chances are you are looking at the Canon Rebel T5 vs Nikon D3300. Which one should you get? In this side-by-side comparison you can see how

Canon EOS Rebel T5i vs Canon EOS Rebel T6i

Canon has once again updated their Rebel series of cameras with the new T6i (and T6s that will be covered in a separate comparison article). So what has changed from the T5i and is the new T6i an improvement? Read

Canon EOS Rebel T6i vs Nikon D5500

The Canon EOS Rebel T6i and the Nikon D5500 are two very popular cameras that are frequently compared side-by-side as they are both similarly priced and spec’ed. They are not a perfect comparison as each camera has a few features

Canon EOS 70D vs Canon EOS 80D

Now that Canon has introduced the 80D one question that keeps coming up is how does it compare against the 70D? The 80D is a pretty significant update to the 70D camera as can be seen in the specs at