Photography Workshops by Dave McLelland

Photography Workshops taught by Dave McLelland are fun photo trips to beautiful places such as Africa, Iceland, New Zealand and the Desert Southwest of the United States with the benefit of a guided tour and a chance to learn more about photography. Workshops are limited to 5-8 participants depending on the workshop. We arrange for lodging, admission to national parks and food while out shooting (depending on the workshop). We can help you to get the amazing photos you have always dreamed of creating, without having to worry about the logistics and major planning for some of the most amazing photography destinations around the world.

Once you register for one of Dave’s Photography Workshops you will be contacted by email with instructions for submitting your deposit and additional workshop details. Your space will not be reserved until your deposit it received. Many of these Photography Workshops fill up fast so be sure to book early to ensure your once in a lifetime chance to learn photography with Dave McLelland in some of the most amazing places in the world.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Qustions)

Who does the planning?

I use a world renowned travel agency service for all of my workshops outside of the US. These workshops are guided by people with knowledge and experience of the areas we are traveling. This allows Dave to concentrate on the photography instruction and be available to answer your questions.

What is included?

This depends on the specific workshop and that information is included on the details page for each.

Do you take pictures while teaching

My primary focus (no pun intended) is to teach you photography and help you to get the amazing shots you want. However, being a photographer, I do bring my own equipment and if presented with a unique opportunity for an image due to once in a lifetime lighting or action, I will of course take the opportunity to photograph as well, but will use this to teach by example.

How Much does a workshop cost?

This depends on the workshop you select. Typically workshops around the desert southwest are quite a bit less expensive that international workshops. The workshops are intended to provide you with all the travel arrangement you need for your visit once you arrive so you can concentrate on making great pictures and having fun!

Do your workshops include travel to the destination?

Our workshops do not include travel to the workshop location as many of our participants come from different parts of the world. You can contact your local travel agency, or use online booking services to arrange for your arrival and departure to the workshop.

Do your workshops include food land lodging?

Most of our workshops will include food, local travel and lodging unless otherwise specified. Be sure to read the details carefully for the particular workshop you are interested in attending.